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Amanda J.

The time he took to listen to what I wanted to achieve was refreshing.

I love the design! A personal service that I highly recommend.

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Hello! I'm a Freelance Web Designer from the UK.

I've been a Freelance Web Designer for roughly 7 years now and I love what I do.

My goal is to give my clients an affordable Freelance Website Design solution, with professional quality. Ultimately turning your market, into your customers.

From the logo design, to getting your website online and ready for customers to use. I handle it all and provide professional advice throughout.

The websites I design are compatable with most devices, web browsers and found easily on Google and other search engines by your market.

If you're looking to hire a Freelance Website Designer, check out my Portfolio & Testimonials to see what I can offer you and your business.

Alternatively, see how cheap Freelance Web Design is.

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Freelance Web Designer History

I never knew I wanted to be a Freelance Web Designer, who knows what they want to be at a young age (Apart from an astronaut or fireman, naturally). However, the way I became a Freelance Web Designer was completely by chance.

I first came into contact with a computer when I was in the second year of primary school(7 years old), I was hooked. Before I knew it, I was teaching my teachers how to use a computer.

On occasion I would be asked to solve computer issues in a different classroom, WHILE I was in class myself. I agreed to help obviously!

From then onwards my creativity flared and I quickly learned how to be creative with Microsoft Paint(Yes!). I would spend hours drawing everything and anything, I loved it.

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